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I went to pick up my new eyewear today & I learned these are Trifocals. The manager of the Vision Center had to show me how to read with them.



Trifocal eyeglass lenses have an additional ribbon-shaped lens segment immediately above the near seg for seeing objects in the intermediate zone of vision — approximately 18 to 24 inches away.

trifocal-flat-top-330x173Flat-top trifocal lens.
Executive trifocal lens.

This intermediate segment provides 50 percent of the added magnifying power of the near seg, making it perfect for computer use and for seeing your speedometer and other dashboard gauges when driving.

Trifocals are especially helpful for presbyopes over age 50, who have less depth of focus than younger presbyopes, who may still be able to see objects at arm’s length reasonably well through the top part of their bifocals.

As with bifocals, the most popular trifocals have a flat-top (FT) design, with the near and intermediate segments being 28 mm wide.

Some people are reluctant to try trifocals because they are concerned about the appearance of the lenses or are worried that trifocals will be difficult to get used to, since the top line of the intermediate zone is close to the center of the lens. But in fact, most people who try them are very pleased with the added range of vision trifocals provide (compared with bifocals) and the wide field of view they offer for computer use.

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