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Tuesday Thoughts of the Day: Tuesday is the second day of the week. A day where we may need an extra boost of inspiration to get to the end of the week.

LET’S TALK…Tuesday Thoughts of the Day

If you’re actually talking to someone who’s been through a disastrous number of years, that only means one thing: They survived it.

Nicole Ari Parker

Tuesday Thoughts of the Day: VENT..

I think there is little harm in venting here and there about things, as we are all human, and it is good to express emotions.

Michelle Gielan

RANT! Tuesday Thoughts of the Day

Writing lets you step back and think through a problem. Even the angriest rant forces the writer to achieve a degree of thoughtfulness.

Atul Gawande

I would like for us to meet right here on Tuesday’s because I will love to hear how you are doing today? 


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I know things are not peachy, if you need to vent just let loose & we will do our best to turn your day into something more positive

Some of us just like to rant, rant, rant so here you are LET IT GO!

Quote of the Day

If it’s time to let go, JUST LET GO. You can’t carry on through life with extra weight on your conscience.

Shannon Leto

I just want to take it back a few years so that you as an audience can better understand why #TalkTuesday is great way for you as well as myself to release the brain of all its troubles. Or at least the tension your thoughts maybe causing from being held in.


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Tuesday Thoughts of the Day

In 1999, I was a long-term substitute instructional aide for an elementary school here in town. My life changed one day when I experienced this sharp pain running up & down my leg. I did not think anything else of it, but as time passed the pain became unbearable. I finally went to the doctor & they said it as old arthur, but I knew that was impossible.  So, they eventually referred me to another doctor.

I had to eventually leave my job because I discovered I had a herniated disk down by my tailbone that was pinching the main nerve. This was the kind of pain that is so torturing & indescribable that I would never wish that type of TORTURE on anyone.

Are You Willing To Talk?

Always changing furniture around in my house, I bent down the wrong way which lead me to be disabled at the age of 27, walking with the aid of a walker & a crooked back. Anyway, I was on disability from 2002 to 2007. During this disruptive time in my young life I developed psychogenic seizures that are caused by a traumatic event. If you want to learn more about Psychogenic Non-Epileptic Seizures (PNES) <<<<Click Here<<<<

The doctors said they were of the mind because I was not releasing what was really happening to my body through my mind, so my body decided to release it for me. I was holding on to what was going on because I just did not understand. After being pulled, poked, & prodded by the physical therapist, and any other procedures the doctors referred I had to have surgery December 6, 2001.

Holding on to your thoughts, not taking deep breaths & just letting that SHIT go can cause some serious medical issues. I have been through the eye of the hurricane & weathered the storm, so trust me I AM HERE TO LISTEN.

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