The Epitome of Healing

The day before,

I gathered my equanimity

I still had a sense of equality

It was the eloquence of his deep voice that lured me

Euphonious, everything was pleasing to my ears

My composure was all I had

Uniformity, balance, equivalency

The voice so fierce, fluent, devouring

The sullen ache of my wanting soul

The trick of the enemy

A soul aching for the love of man

Pleased only with fulfilling

The desires of his raging lust

The escapade of lust led me astray

The devil is a liar

The day after,

I sat quietly in my secret place

Asking for forgiveness of all sin

Those known & unknown to man

For it is man that has only breathe in his nostrils

As I humbled myself before my Father

Only a day after,

I encountered an earthly soul

I found myself elated with great joy

To still be able to seek his face

The epitome, representation,

essence, summation &

substance of a true healing

The man; an extrovert

Allocated by his surroundings

Rather than self

Never giving into his thoughts

Feelings spoken but never true

The Epitome of Healing




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