The Benefits of Scheduling My Posts


When I started this blog I had no idea it would come this far. However, scheduling can be a task when you have a full-time job. There are also other things in life that can take place that you have no control over. Let’s take today for a prime example! I had nothing scheduled because I was in the bed after I got off work early Friday feeling like crap. I have a cold that has been trying to get the best of me. Luckily, here I am right now trying to maintain my scheduIe I had set out for myself. First, I think with me still being New To Blogging! I should have stayed away from having a post available for everyday of the week. But, hey I am learning so much about blogging & always keep a notebook & a pen.

planning-2573116.pngWhat the hell, I really loved the challenge I set for myself. Being on a schedule gave me time to organize my emails so I can be totally be engaged with other readers. My emails for blogging initially started out with folders labeled:

  1. Bloggers New Comments (allows me to see new readers when they comment on blogs like Dream Big, Dream Often & Damn, Girl Get Your Shit Together & the comments left for To Inspire Us!
  2. Bloggers New Post (300+)
  3. Liked Post (readers that liked my post)
  4. Liked Comments (readers that liked comments I left)

Since the bloggers new post generates the most traffic, I decided to give everyone I am engaged with their own folder. This is a way for me to be a real reader of new post, like, comment & share to my other social media platforms. With that being said, I would love to continue to be on a schedule, but I am not sure if it will be everyday of the week. Although I must admit it has been quite fun as well as challenging.

Scheduled post also allowed me to take care of myself with this minor chest cold with:

  • Lipton Greentea Orange Passionfruit Jasmine (hot) with a honey lemon cough drop, a little sweetner, & a cap of liquor
  • Vicks Vapor Rub
  • Day & Nighttime Severe tablets

I really felt obligated to myself as well as my readers in the community to maintain my schedule. Y’all be blessed & take good care of yourselves in this weather.

How Do You Schedule or Plan Your Post? Please Feel Free To Share in the Comments

Until the next post be inspired_Ms. Flo

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