4 Basic Tips For Creating Happiness Today


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The International Day of Happiness

March 20


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It’s an
opportunity to create more happiness in the world. Some
people think happiness is something that just happens.
It’s almost magical — kind of like finding a pot of gold at
the end of the rainbow.
Yet most happy people will tell you that’s not true. The fact
is a happy life is something you must construct yourself.

Are You Creating Happiness?

Happiness isn’t about being rich or beautiful. Just look at
the rich and beautiful who clearly don’t have happy lives.
Happiness is about your attitude.
It’s also about the choices you

The Foundations of Happiness!

You may find you can increase your happiness by building
your life around these 4 basics:


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Invest in family and friends. Connect with others who
are loving and supportive. They help you enjoy the good
times and make it through the hard times. Try to make
relationships with happy people since happiness is


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Appreciate what you have. It’s the old “glass half empty
or half full” idea. See your glass as half full and be grateful
for the life you’ve created.


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Keep an optimistic outlook. We’re all subjected to
great stress these days. It can be a real challenge to stay
optimistic at times. Yet happiness is built on a bright,
positive outlook. So try to focus on the positives.


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Find a sense of purpose. You may not feel fulfilled by
just going to work and coming home every day. Many
people find they’re much happier when they are giving.
Find out how you can become involved in a cause that
really matters to you.

Live in the “now.” Since you can’t predict the future, there’s not much point in worrying about it. Try to live for today as much as possible. Don’t wait around for happiness make it happen You can’t just flip a switch and become a happier person. But you can work on the tips listed here. Over time, you’ll find that your choices, beliefs and actions can help determine the happiness you enjoy. And you can create a happier world.

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5 Tips To Avoid Gossip In The Workplace

What’s wrong with a little chit-chat to break up the work day? Nothing really – unless it’s gossip.tim-gouw-79563-unsplash.jpg

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What exactly is gossip? It’s talk that’s harmful, damaging or embarrassing to someone. It can lead to conflict or negativity. anna-vander-stel-60342-unsplash.jpg

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Bottom line: If you’re saying something behind someone’s back that you wouldn’t say to his or her face, chances are it’s gossip. martins-zemlickis-328365-unsplash.jpg

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Gossip anywhere – but especially in the office—can weaken team morale and respect. It can create cliques, suspicion and uneasy relationships. In a world, it divides rather than unites. johnson-wang-515995-unsplash.jpg

Here are some 5 tips to help avoid office gossip:

  • Stay busy. People who gossip want attention. If you’re busy, they can’t gossip with you.
  • Avoid the gossips. You know who they are. Try to avoid them. Just hanging around with them may give others the impression that you’re a gossip too.
  • Don’t even listen. Gossip requires speakers and listeners. If you don’t want to be part of gossip, walk away when the gossip and negativity begin.
  • Say something positive. If lunch or coffee break chat turns to gossip, try to shift the conversation to another topic. Or, gather your confidence and say you don’t want to gossip about someone else.
  • Talk to your supervisor. When people spend time gossiping, they’re hurting the workplace and wasting time. See your supervisor for a confidential talk if you think gossip is a factor at your job.

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How To Leave A Reply on My Blog Post?


Are You Having Trouble Leaving A Reply To My Blog Post?


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Hello Readers,

Welcome back to my blog once again today! I am back again to solve an issue that maybe occuring. I am not sure if this has been an issue for any other readers, but Stories From The Edge of Blindness & Monster In The Cookie Jar reached out to me because they could not find how to leave a reply on my blog post.


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Just imagine how many comments have been waiting & wanting to be released here on my blog with no clue on how to actually leave a reply. So, I am here to help clear this up today. Here we go: Once you are on my initial page at To Inspire Us my first post for the month of February will be a 2018 February Blog Party. Place your cursor on the link to the blog post title on my initial page and it should become underlined for you to click.


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Now click on the post! Once you read the post, scroll down towards the bottom of the post and you will first be able to share it on Facebook, Google +, Twitter or Pinterest etc.,. You will then see any related blog post & then BOOM……There is the Leave a Reply Box, enter you comment here section.


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There you have it! Let’s Get This Party Crunk & Become Engaged!

I am so thankful for this being brought to my immediate attention.

With Great Love! Ms. Flo

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10 Tips For A More Sound Sleep

jake-young-169807.jpgPhoto by Jake Young on Unsplash

  1. Go bland before bedtime. To fall asleep quickly,
    avoid caffeine, nicotine and alcohol for at least four
    hours before you go to bed.
  2. Be predictable. Go to bed around the same time
    every night, and try to follow a similar routine. Waking
    the same time every morning is also essential in keeping
    a regular sleep schedule.

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  1. Don’t toss and turn. If you can’t sleep after 20
    minutes, get out of bed and do something else until you
    feel sleepy again. Tossing and turning may cause more
    anxiety than relaxation.
  2. Save the bed for sleep and sex. Avoid paying bills,
    reading the paper or watching TV in bed. It is important
    to correlate your bed with sleep, not stress.

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  1. Take a bath. Take a warm bath before bedtime to
    help your body relax. You may want to add lavender or
    other soothing oils into your bath water. Also, taking a
    bath can be more relaxing than a shower.
  2. Exercise early. If you exercise, do it before dinner,
    not after. Exercising late at night can wake you up
    instead of help you to relax.

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  1. Make your room dark. People usually sleep best in
    a cool, dark environment. Hanging heavy drapes or
    wearing a sleep mask may help.
  2. Grab a snack. It’s hard to sleep hungry, so try a
    light snack before bedtime. Warm milk is thought to
    naturally induce sleep by releasing the natural hormone
    L-Triptaphan. Keep the meal light, because eating a
    large meal can cause restlessness.

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  1. Cut naps short. If you have trouble falling asleep,
    consider avoiding naps. At the very least, limit them to
    less than an hour before mid-afternoon.
  2. Address your stress. If daytime troubles keep you
    awake, try jotting notes about ways to deal with them.
    Leave stress at the bedroom door, if possible.

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