Start Picking Up Pieces-Where Do You Start?

Start Picking Up Pieces: To start picking up the pieces in any shattered life is never easy to do. Where do you start? The mind is always over thinking! Who really has a clue? Not even research can suggest what to do. So much has been said and done, now or even in the past. Time is slowly passing, gainfully interpreting the outcome at last.

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”—Martin Luther King, Jr.


Start Picking Up Pieces…. 

Why? Loves evidence is still in the air! Trying to even move on at all has called so much dispair. Picking up the pieces is still a constant glare, got to find a way to move on. How? There are no wages to spare. Yet, still in lingering thoughts of does he still even care?

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.”—Robert H. Schuller

“Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else.”—Les Brown


Picking up the pieces….

travels one day at a time, it may conceal those thoughts which can deteriorate the mind. An emotional turmoil will escape very rapidly, but if you remain strong just so life can prevail, picking up piece by piece will help you hold on and you will not  spend life looking frail.


Picking up the pieces….

Is an everyday part of life. We live & we learn from our mistakes & then we’ll know we have finally won. Pick up every piece no matter how hard life maybe. In the end those pieces will fit together because it’s only a puzzle you will see.

“If you fell down yesterday, stand up today.”―H.G. Wells

Where To Start Picking Up The Pieces? Where Do You Start?

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11 Replies to “Start Picking Up Pieces-Where Do You Start?”

    1. Thanks so much love! How are you today? I have been trying to do a little SEO to some of my old post. It takes time to get it right. How do you feel about Search Engine Optimization.

      1. I’m doing well, thank you. How are you?

        Oh, I am afraid I don’t know anything about SEO. I’ve been meaning to look into it but haven’t done so yet. I have a lot to learn.

          1. I have the free version of Yoast and I feel intimidated by it. haha You’re so right about blogging and how there is so much to learn. It’s so true.

            1. I also have the free version of Yoast & it is intimidating. I just followed what it said for my post & it takes time & research. I’m pretty sure it will takes a couple of years to master it. I will say without Yoast I would be lost with all the advanced information available online from other pro-bloggers. I really am intimated beyond the basics. Lol!

              1. LOL Oh my goodness, I know what you mean. I have to write a couple chapters to get ahead which I’m working on now. Then, I plan to dive into the research and Yoast and see what happens. Maybe knowing I’m ahead with posting will allow me to better concentrate on SEO. 😀

                1. The only reason I looked more into SEO was because I felt like I was ahead with having 310 post, so I could go in and update some of those. I am excited about learning new things even if they are intimidating. I also plan to take some free courses through my public library for various topics pertaining to online. It really has been nice to engage with you.

                  1. It’s been very nice for me, too, to engage with you. Your site is such a positive force, I try not to miss any of your posts.

                    As for taking classes, I think that’s a terrific idea! I like your attitude of taking the bull by the horns. I think you’ll go really far.

                    1. Thank you so very much Kymber for the great inspiration. I am so grateful for it all! Losing material things guided me here to blog because I still had hope to endure & To continue to Inspire myself as well as others. I want to touch a multitude of people to never give up no matter what it looks like. Have an awesome weekend.

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