The Psychological Warfare of the Mind

In the back of the mind, long term memory settles & surfaces with time

utterly seeking & benign…

Conscious veils short term 

after we commit any crime as we begin to unwind aware that we must do time…

The Psychological Warfare of the Mind

seems hard to define

yet it allows us to be devine

as the blood begins to surface through to our hearts 

where we confine

and fall for false lines…

as wisdom & knowledge continues to bestow

I do not incline to be a poet or a writer or looking to sign

Its just The Psychological Warfare of my own mind

that continues to flow until the space in my long-term memory festers with growth

Long-term: A permanent limitless store house ready to be refined

Short-term: Activated to only hold a few items at a time

Working memory:

  • Focused
  • Processing
  • Ready to wine & dine

The sudden attack of the psychological warfare taking place in my mind






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