1 Month Blog Progression for a Beginner



The Only Blogging Tips I Can Offer For Now As A New Blogger is to Visit Other Readers & Become Engaged in the Community.

One month ago today, I decided to step out on faith Step Out On Faith

to see what it was going to be like in the blogging community. So, in September I started deep researching on Google & Pinterest about starting a blog. I had to set this as a goal on my vision board

My Vision To A New Beinnin
My Vision Board on a Manilla Folder!

or today I would still be looking at the drama that is currently on Facebook or watching Law & Order Marathons (I still do). I needed to set myself up so I would not be totally lost when I jumped on board. I must admit I was so nervous, but I must tell you there is information in the blogging community as well and so many people willing to help when you’re New To Blogging!

There is so much information out here & it’s scary. However, I was really determined and my mind was already made up. To keep myself organized I have my vision board and my notebook because I cannot function if I am all over the place & I will get better with Time

I really do feel as if I am in the right place at the right time. I have come across some amazing bloggers and became engaged in the community. Today I want to introduce you all to my readers that follow my blog & I am too excited:  


  1. 10 Follows!Congratulations on getting 10 total follows on To Inspire Us!



Rosie Culture



Mummy Thomas’ Blog



Tikeetha T


Tashnee V Mavee

I embarked on My Journey_As A New Blogger on October 20, 2017 & today I am moving forward. I want to welcome everyone to feel comfortable when you arrive here. I want to thank everyone who stopped by to look, read, follow, like, & become more engaged with me on this new journey. My initial plans were to inspire us & I hope I have accomplished that in one way or another.


Please feel free to come here & simply be yourself and just keep it real. I’am definitely not into sugar-coating. Share your information where you can be reached in the comments below on any post and I will reach out. If you just started a new blog & I can help you, I am here or will direct you to other places & if you are looking to be more engaged beyond myself here you go Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!

In closing I want to share with you 7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days

Just Remain True To Who You Are & Blog with Consistency.

Until The Next Post Be Inspired

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7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days


For the last 2 years, I’ve worked on being a positive person. I’ve learned that staying positive is a daily task! Each day, you’ll find that there are different things that will affect you daily, but by intentionally and strategically being positive, you will see that eventually it won’t be hard for you to stay […]

via 7 Tips for being positive Everyday! (Quick Read) — Ashley Gulley

Confessions of a Cougar

Black Loc ArtConfessions of a Cougar

The Goodest Passion passion

The goodest passion, is it true or not or are there really confessions of a cougar beautiful. Intrigued? I know right, so am I. I love a good read, so just hold on to your socks. This maybe just a story with a twisted plot.

The goodest passsion is an extreme emotion which may require too much devotion. This fact will have little or great notion. The goodest passion so strong, its high is deadly like a love potion which maybe gone all wrong thug passion. Whose to say? People tend to fall in love with earthly things everyday.

The goodest passion creates a spinal frenzy traveling in slow motion. The nervous system sending messages to the brain so hard to contain…The goodest passion, What is it really? You are challenged to explain.

Maybe passionate perhaps, or lust, or just a quickie to rush the adrenaline throughout every part of the wanting frame black-love-black-is-beautiful. But, be careful, are you ready to tie your soul yet to another domain? Not sure if its like, love, or even real; just setting yourself up in life to get hurt for the thrill or a five minute feel deep love.

The goodest passion is a keen desire dressed to trap you if you are not in tuned with that spiritual fire.

Pursuing, Performing, Obtaining your own acquire! Are you really a cougar or preying for your own sexual desire african-american-art-african-art.

The goodest passion is however you exhale it. Once it is inhaled, its just a thought for a good read or a story, or is it really your life. Who knows? Would you really tell it?

The goodest passion you can only describe! Is it learning attire? For some it may simply be a great inspire.

The goodest passion arouses the flow. How it flows? Only the goodest knows


The goodest passion is not lust, its a journey for a love so strong, there may be up & downs yet there is minimal fuss. Years were formed, trust was a bust, can it be built again? It’s possible, but that’s one of life’s most precious assets; once there is ruins…there is no rush.

Confessions of a cougar; the goodest passion; a man; Is it still there? (Are you thinking) Well, sure/unsure, that magnificent feeling still lingers somewhere. A feeling not easily discussed because chaos is not a must. Who even cares? The love came on strong so the foundation was set from the gate.

The goodest passion is lead on by enthusiasm… The goodest passion has generated an orgasmic rhythm… The goodest passion doesn’t require a touch… The goodest passion is a flow of words that satisfy much…The goodest passion flows from head to toe… black art

Where does it stop? The goodest passion is an enduring continous flow!

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Do you instantly think of the goodest passion & the spin of your own theories? If so, feel free to be engaged in the comments for yet another part to this truth or an engaging story. By the way don’t forget to share your website, I will drop by to visit for I am all for new bloggers & their new journeys

25 More Letters To Use If Plan A Didn’t Work

If plan A didn’t work for you, the goal is to remember that there are 25 more letters in the alphabet that can be used to encourage your plans. EmilysQuotes.Com-plan-change-goal-inspirational-attitude-unknown-great

  1. B-Balance: distribute the weight of life so you can remain upright & steady for control of whatever may come your way…


  2. C-Courage: a quality in all of us that will enable us to face all difficulties with bravery…courage

  3. D-Determination: When a decision is made there is no stopping us. Once there is purpose it will be established…determination

  4. E-Enthusiasmenthusiasm

  5. F-Fight: The only coping mechanism we have for ourselves…we refuse to GIVE Up!fight

  6. G-Goals: We can achieve what we aim for…goals

  7. H-Heartheart

  8. I-Imagination: be creative or resourceful when you’re creating new ideas imagination

  9. J-Journey: Just start & trust the process; The key is patient! journey

  10. K-Kindness: be generous & considerate of others you never know what people are going through kindness3

  11. L-Love: love

  12. M-Maintain: remain on a steady pace; keep up; keep going maintain

  13. N-Network: To Inspire Us On WordPress ToInspireUs on Facebook Twitter Tweets   Pinterest Pins Follow on Instagram


  14. O-Objective: whatever you aim for in life give it your all; set your goals & work them objective-key-result

  15. P-Passion: this is a very strong emotion that can barely be controlled, so find your passion & live it passion-success

  16. Q-Quality: strive for excellence while pursuing your journey quality

  17. R-Reading: I want to share a few of the blogs I follow because reading is the key essential for us in our everyday learning. So if you love to read please feel free to stop by & check them out for yourself …Just Nita Life With LaToya Tashnee.V.Mavee K E Garland A Thomas Point of View To Inspire Us Damn, Girl Alice Wake Up City Make Up Loft The Little Mermaid  


  18. S-Schedule: get on point with a detailed written to do list schedule

  19. T-Thoughtful: Don’t forget other people! You should always want to do for others what you would want done for yourself thoughtful-quote-1

  20. U-Unique: Just be YOURSELF…It’s just that simple unique

  21. V-Versatile: be able to adapt to your environment versatile-text

  22. W-Whole: always give yourself all of you. It’s not selfish! It allows growth whole

  23. x– Is just one of those letters in the alphabet that is a loner. If you know any words that begin with the letter X please feel free to leave them in the comment below. It will be very interesting to see what you will come up with.

  24. Y-Yourself yourself

  25. Z-Zesty: be fun & exciting zesty


Is Change Affecting Your Life?

Is Change Affecting Your Life?

New Life Changes

Of course change will forever affect our lives, but it is up to us as individuals to embrace it. So abruptly; suddenly unexpectedly a change comes in our lives without any type of preparation or warning. Am I required to prepare you for the storms in life? If I prepared you, you would fail the test.

Trials & tribulations come to test our patience and endurance to make us stronger, but in all actuality they tend to linger. Yes! All to familiar, staying stagnant longer than we expected. The storms of life are going to blow more times than we will ever be prepared for. There will be hurdles to overcome and testimonies to share. We often ask ourselves, Who is really listening? Or perhaps, do they even really care?

  • Emotionally detached coping with anxiety
  • Physically distorted & pulled out of shape
  • Verbally expressed in spoken communication to whoever will listen
  • Spirtually minded to weather-the-storm
  • Mentally drained from prolonged stress

Strength surpassed; composed feelings under control, yet remaining calm as the storm affects the surface. Emotions conscious, but blurred with intense tears. images (1)On our knees we cry out to pray, perhaps the changes we adhere to on our own in our everyday lives hinders it’s way. The change that affects our life allowed us to wait until things got too heavy. It’s only then that the realization is we really need Him everyday.

Physically distraught, we hold on with belief that we shall make it through. Psychologically, the mind races at a speed of turbulent dismay similiar to an airplane…Oops-Didnt-Get-It-Inspected

I never been that way. Verbalizing the effects to trusted others who had already gone through. Using their strength as a padded foundation while curiosity rattles the brain…Asking myself, Is my faith, patience, & trust being uplifted? Or is this what I asked for while humbling to pray?

I never thought to pay any attention to the choice of my words that were just released. Oh my! now the words are atmospheric, which has created a distinctive mood in the universe.

Consciously aware and mindful in the now that this is what I asked for. Spiritually we are so broken yet in reality we long to be healed. If this storm includes the serpent, oh boy I better strap my boots & be ready to take this ride.

As a conditioned thinker this storm has been purposed to see if all that has been released out of my mouth was real. The changes that have been affecting my life have been a test for sure because He knows in the midst of it all this is his glory. Now it’s about time to share the story.


Chime in on the comments & just ask yourselves Is Change Affecting Your Life?

Having A Blog Party Lets Celebrate

When I started my blog on October 20, 2017, I was nervous & confused. I really did not know where to start, but I had been doing research in the midst of starting a vision board. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this research that’s on the internet pertaining to blogging had me afraid to even start. However, I was a too determined to allow that to stop me. 

So guess what, I took a deep breathe & just started.

My main goal was to just 

Not knowing what to really expect (My Vision Board tells me to expect the unexpected)…

I took my research & stepped out on faith. If you are a new visitor here on To Inspire Us just to bring you up to speed; I lost everything I had ever owned in 2013 due to hardships & I do mean all I had except for the clothes for my body. On this current date I am still living in a motel (extended stay establishment). At times it gets the best of me & at the height of it all I somehow remain Inspired, so this on-going journey of my life led me to blogging.

My vision board also tells me

Do What You Have To Do Until You Can Do What You Wanna Do

I am so excited to announce a 22 day milestone for me being a new blogger. It may not mean anything to you as a reader, but for me as a newbie it’s a small celebration. So I am celebrating these 20 likes as if I gained twenty new followers. I am more inspired now more than I was on September 3, 2017 when I wrote start a blog on my vision board.

The first thing I wrote on my vision board on September 1, 2017  was Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NIV)

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come & will not delay

With great pleasure, I am having a blog party simply because I received 20 likes

on To Inspire Us. I don’t have any followers as of yet, but I am not focused on that part because life can teach you patience whether you are ready for the lesson or not. So in the mean time I am going to be more geared towards these….

5 Short Tips for Successful Blogging

Success is not built on success. Its built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe

  • The Key: Getting Organized (To Do List)
  • Managing My Time (Use Time Wisely)
  • Learning & Improving My Blog Post (Get Inspired)
  • Interacting with others &
  • Promoting on social media

ToInspireUs on Facebook

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I want to thank all of you who stopped by & actually were true readers. I will always be a learner, so please feel free to share any advice to me as a newbie in a comment or via email. I will be stopping by to see what’s going on in your worlds.

Please leave your link in the comment & follow my links…..


Until The Next Post Be Inspired!



To All Branches of Services For Our Country

I am not sure what you endured

as you decided to serve & protect our country

but for making the chose

I want to Thank You for serving.

While were carrying on throughout our days & nights in our comfort zones

so busy with T.V., Social Media, & eating the desires of our hearts

You were engaged in a more dedicated obligation

fighting battles for our country

To Inspire Us

A Portion of My Familia Who Served:

Valerie A. Sawyer

Mahala Sawyer Culpepper

Melvin Sawyer

Timothy Gilbert

Tekoia Roberts

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How To Feel About Your First Blogger Like?

Hey Loves!  I can’t begin to explain how I felt when I logged into my  Blog today & saw that I had one like from a blogger that I just started to follow.

I was literally jumping up & down as if I had won a grand prize or some type of reward.

K E Garland you really made my entire world shine & I wanted to acknowledge you in any way I could think possible. Her blog offers inspiring kwotes as well as writing advice for me as well as others who are willing to 

I am actively researching & opened to learning all that I possibly can in this new journey. I am looking forward to engaging with new people in the blogging community so please feel free to leave a comment & even offer any advice you have for me as a new blogger.

Please feel free to Explore My World or simply :

Again please stop by & check out the inspiration K E Garland

is sharing with all of us on her blog! I want to thank all of you for simply just stopping by I am so EXCITED!

I Love You! All

Ms. Flo




Time Is Time 
Time Is A Second
Time Is A Minute
Time Is An Hour
Time Is A Season
It Seems As If Time Is The Only Thing On Our Side
Time Has to Be Used Wisely

Time That Heals All Wounds
Time That Soothes Our Aching Souls
Time That Allows Us To Be In Control
Time Allows Us To Hide To Convey Our True Guide

Time Is A Measure of Duration
Time Is Past, Present, or Future
……….A Point
……….A Period
……….A Moment
……….An Occasion
……….An Opportunity

Time Allows Us To Define Who We Really Are
Time Intertwines With The Celebit Mind
Which Allows Us To Abstain, Refrain, And Encounter Positive Gain

Time Is……….
….An Allotted Period of Life
….The Presence of Life
….Existence In This World
….A Prevailing State of Circumstances
….The Hour of Death/Travail
….Repetition Among Others

Time Is What I Count On For A True Love In My Life
On That Day When Time Unwinds
Then I Can Say True Love Is All Mine
Only To Await Time Which God Has Set Aside
Time To Do His Perfect Will
Time For What He Has Purposed Just For Me
The Time To Love For All Eternity

Time Can Go As Far As The Eye Can See
Time Will Allow To Feel What Is Real
Time Is The Only Thing That Allows A Broken Heart To Truly Heal
Time Is The Only Definite Thing That Man Can’t Kill