Let It Rip on Talk Tuesday’s




  • I would like for us to meet right here on Tuesday’s because I will love to hear how you are doing today? 

I know things are not peachy, if you need to vent just let loose & we will do our best to turn your day into something more positive

Some of us just like to rant, rant, rant so here you are LET IT GO!

*I will go first! This actually went on 12/2 (Sat) & 12/3/17 (Sun). So I will have a talk, vent & a rant rapped in one….This is how I had to explain my F@#k up everywhere after I had to figure out how to fix this sudden S&%T.

Please bear with me here. LOL! I was trying to learn how to reschedule my post for next Tuesday 12/5/17 & lost the initial post from 11/28/17. I had to fix this so hopefully everything is working. I guess instead of going to the initial blog post screwing up the flow of things I can go to reader & just make a freaking copy & it will open up in a new post & go from there….DUH…My Journey_As A New Blogger! I guess you have to make mistakes to actually learn…Yep…

So, I’m assuming this post can be used for any other day of the freaking week as well as on Tuesday…JUST LET IT FREAKING RIP>>>A New Blogger is on the F@#$ing loose

Feel Free To Leave Some Feedback In The Comments

Or if you are more private you can use the contact form below

I will be expecting You!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

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4 Replies to “Let It Rip on Talk Tuesday’s”

  1. My name is Amanda and it was a helluva day today!
    I was cold most of the day, not to mention while I was in
    my half bath smoking, I saw the yard guys throw some
    busted pallets. I tried to hurry outside and ask if I could have it!??😂😂

    1. Hi Amanda! I am so glad you decided to stop here to Let It Rip! I hope you warm up at some point because it is cold. This morning I had to be at work by 7am & went to crank my car at 6:30 in the freaking cold & it was dead as a doorknob. I called Geico because I pay them plenty to assist me..lol & they sent roadside service to give me a jump off. Hopefully it was just too cold & I don’t need a battery. I said damn what a way to start the new year. However, I was able to collect my thoughts & carry on with my day

      1. Good, I am glad you are not letting that get in your way!
        Wish I could say the same. After I fell, I ended up with a
        dark purple bruise on my chin, almost broke my left pinky!
        Also smushed all of the rest of my 3 fingers. I was finally able to get
        back up, and I was cussing like a sailor!!

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