Is Change Affecting Your Life?

Is Change Affecting Your Life?

New Life Changes

Of course change will forever affect our lives, but it is up to us as individuals to embrace it. So abruptly; suddenly unexpectedly a change comes in our lives without any type of preparation or warning. Am I required to prepare you for the storms in life? If I prepared you, you would fail the test.

Trials & tribulations come to test our patience and endurance to make us stronger, but in all actuality they tend to linger. Yes! All to familiar, staying stagnant longer than we expected. The storms of life are going to blow more times than we will ever be prepared for. There will be hurdles to overcome and testimonies to share. We often ask ourselves, Who is really listening? Or perhaps, do they even really care?

  • Emotionally detached coping with anxiety
  • Physically distorted & pulled out of shape
  • Verbally expressed in spoken communication to whoever will listen
  • Spirtually minded to weather-the-storm
  • Mentally drained from prolonged stress

Strength surpassed; composed feelings under control, yet remaining calm as the storm affects the surface. Emotions conscious, but blurred with intense tears. images (1)On our knees we cry out to pray, perhaps the changes we adhere to on our own in our everyday lives hinders it’s way. The change that affects our life allowed us to wait until things got too heavy. It’s only then that the realization is we really need Him everyday.

Physically distraught, we hold on with belief that we shall make it through. Psychologically, the mind races at a speed of turbulent dismay similiar to an airplane…Oops-Didnt-Get-It-Inspected

I never been that way. Verbalizing the effects to trusted others who had already gone through. Using their strength as a padded foundation while curiosity rattles the brain…Asking myself, Is my faith, patience, & trust being uplifted? Or is this what I asked for while humbling to pray?

I never thought to pay any attention to the choice of my words that were just released. Oh my! now the words are atmospheric, which has created a distinctive mood in the universe.

Consciously aware and mindful in the now that this is what I asked for. Spiritually we are so broken yet in reality we long to be healed. If this storm includes the serpent, oh boy I better strap my boots & be ready to take this ride.

As a conditioned thinker this storm has been purposed to see if all that has been released out of my mouth was real. The changes that have been affecting my life have been a test for sure because He knows in the midst of it all this is his glory. Now it’s about time to share the story.


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