How To Get A Car During Tax Season?

It is so mandatory for me to have my own vehicle because depending or even asking other people for a ride anywhere makes my A$$ ache just thinking about. In all honesty, people can truly be ANAL & I do mean that wholeheartedly without any thoughts of biting my tongue.

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I have had the pleasure of having my own car since I was 18 years of age. So this is one thing in my life I can’t imagine myself being without. My first car ever was a 1991 Ford Tempo purchased for me by my then high school sweetheart.1200px-92-94_Ford_Tempo.jpgPhoto Credit

Over the years, I have had numerous cars to count. My credit is far from being superb & I needed to make something happen for myself at the beginning of last year. The very last thing in this world I needed was a freaking car note. At times in our lives, we have to make it do what it do with no regrets. Just imagine having to depend on other people I just don’t see it so you already should know it’s not a figment of my imagination. For me, this is not an option! People really act funny when they have & you don’t & they feel as if you need them.



I was in need of my own vehicle last year around this time because we all know there is nothing like your own. You should not have to sit around to wait for disappointments from people telling you to “call me if you need me.” We know all to well that people lie & will have you waiting forever to get a ride.

If you are in need of a ride today, 

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DriveTime is the nation’s largest used car dealership network helping people with credit issues find and finance a great used car. For dealership locations, approvals, and vehicle inventory, please visit

You can actually get approved & know your down payment before you even go to a local dealer to shop. To know your down payment feel free to go Get Your Down Payment Online. 

If you would like to visit their DriveTime blog to just get a little more familiar you are welcomed. To put it simply, when you’re looking for a vehicle, DriveTime is the GoToApproval place!


1.) If you want to reach out to me personally to leave your phone number & email address I can:

Fill Out A Form Online For You

2.) If you want to reach out to DriveTime yourself you can:

Call Bridgecrest @ 1-888-418-1212. Please be sure to tell them Florene Ringstaff referred you from Montgomery, Alabama & use my account #131001129501

3.) Or just call a local DriveTime Dealership.

Please tell them I sent you utilizing the same information in #2

If you reside in Alabama, there is a local DriveTime Dealership located in Montgomery, Al. <<<<<<<<<<<click 

To view the car selection in Montgomery click HERE

Just Ask For Darius English or Kevin Tiggs at

  • Montgomery

  • 505 Eastern Blvd

    MONTGOMERY, AL 36117

  • (334) 694-5150

  • Mon – Thur 10 AM – 8 PM
    Fri 9 AM – 9 PM
    Sat 9 AM – 8 PM
    Closed Sunday

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