How Not To Live? Or Is It OK

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The One Thing You Need To Change Is You
Hi! I am affectionately known in my own little world as Ms.Flo Madukes, Doon, or Glam_Ma! I am a new blogger not a pro-blogger; YET. I started blogging with my hopes geared toward inspiration. Yes, all this was entered into my vision board for my future.

Its amazing how I said on my Facebook page as well as on this newbie blog that I would share my testimony of how I basically lost everything I ever owned. What? Who would actually care? I am not seeking pity or any misguided opinions, I just want to tell my journey of the last four years with the world with great hopes of inspiring other people to never give up

Keep Standing no Matter What

no matter where you are. Yet I develop writers block, froze to be exact. One way to keep my self inspired was to create my very own vision board in September of 2017 & I actually humble myself to pray. This may not be your avenue for inspiration, but to each its own. IAM NOTHING WITHOUT HIM!

My Vision Board on a Manilla Folder!

I figured if I wanted a normal life outside of this tiny box I better start somewhere
Why not start where you are? In a box!

I asked myself why would you want to share how you have been living since 2013 with the world?

Fix Everything And Regrow
My Version


Then it hit me, what the hell, so what if I live in an extended stay establishment. I live in a motel. Some days I would wake up inspired & then some I would cry. I have tried so many things, but they all failed. Yes, I am employed full-time but no one sees the bigger picture.
The story will continue so stay tuned!



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