How To Feel About Your First Blogger Like?

Hey Loves!  I can’t begin to explain how I felt when I logged into my  Blog today & saw that I had one like from a blogger that I just started to follow.

I was literally jumping up & down as if I had won a grand prize or some type of reward.

K E Garland you really made my entire world shine & I wanted to acknowledge you in any way I could think possible. Her blog offers inspiring kwotes as well as writing advice for me as well as others who are willing to 

I am actively researching & opened to learning all that I possibly can in this new journey. I am looking forward to engaging with new people in the blogging community so please feel free to leave a comment & even offer any advice you have for me as a new blogger.

Please feel free to Explore My World or simply :

Again please stop by & check out the inspiration K E Garland

is sharing with all of us on her blog! I want to thank all of you for simply just stopping by I am so EXCITED!

I Love You! All

Ms. Flo




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