The Day My Soul Just Opened Up!

Encouragement for a shattered soul

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One day my soul just opened up
Isolated to the sounds of a bump
Thoughts embedded in a mind
Lost long ago with time
The day my soul opened up
Solitarally confined; has no place
My soul yearning to unwind
On any given day

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One day my soul just opened up
Longing for some relief
Hidden in my secret place
Is where I find peace
Time collasped; could no longer feel; had to kneel
To the only man capable to heal
No where else to turn
My soul not ready to yield
Burning on the inside; these feelings are real

One day my soul just opened wide
The path; misguided; vague
Order my steps dear God
Directions; back & forth
My soul once in rage
The day my soul opend up
I was on a brand new page

One day my soul just opened
Releashing years of silent mush
Humbling myself to you; I need that extra push
On the inside my soul was once crushed
God I need you now while
My heart is yet tender
Ready to throw up both hands
To you I got to surrender

One day my soul just opened up
Realizing I can only go so far
All my burdens I give to you
As my soul opens up, Dear Lord
First I want to praise you
For the things you already do
The day my soul opened up
I knew I had to seek you

The day my soul opened up
I no longer felt caged
An animal; trapped in solitary confinement
My soul has begun to pace
One day my soul just opened up
Knowing you had stepped in
To help me run this race

The day my soul opened
Thoughts once relinquished
Time surpassed that struggle
Desolation; pushed away from others
Searched my soul cause it was
Self that needed to recover

The day my soul opened up
Pieces once shattered
Turned to laughter
The only somebody to seek
Already knows what to do
Without the right formula
A shattered soul will scatter

A shattered soul is your storm
In the midst of it all
The master is preparing
So you can stand tall

A shattered soul is your test

Arms stretched to God

He will take care of the rest

A shattered soul

Be ready for the next level

Thoughts trapped in solitary confinement

Are works of the devil

On the day when your shattered soul

Is directed to go  was simply because

God has the last say so





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