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Daily Goal Setting….

is an integral part of any successful routine because it allows us to weigh and analyze just where we stand on a day-to-day basis. Since it’s easy to lose sight of our long-term goals, especially when dealing with the millions of distractions in our lives, daily goal setting allows us to stay on track and on point. Reference


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There are four reasons why thinking about daily routines can help us reach our goals:

1. Action: Daily goals force us to think in terms of concrete action steps, rather than just lofty goals. For example, committing to write every day, even if it’s just a page or a paragraph or two, is better than just having a big goal to write a novel. Goals can’t be pie in the sky – something you’ll never do. The basic idea is to get you moving toward your goal on a daily basis.

2. Prioritization: There is a limit to the number of daily goals you can realistically accomplish. That’s a good thing because it forces us to decide what really matters. Clear out the clutter and isolate what it is you really want to accomplish. The longer your list, the less likely you’ll accomplish any of them. Concentrate on no more than four daily goals at a time.

3. Mini-goals: Daily goals must be limited in time. We can’t have three daily goals that each take an hour. It’s not realistic. Yet mini-goals are powerful when repeated daily. They can related to your finances, health, relationships, or any area of your life. Because mini-goals are doable, you increase the likelihood of accomplishing them and making progress toward larger goals.

4. Routine: We accomplish big things by consistently doing small things every day. The key then is to convert your mini-goals into daily habits.


Goals allow you to control the direction of change in your favor.

Brian Tracy

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What Are Your Daily Goals?






2 Replies to “Daily Quote To Inspire Goal Setting 5.11”

  1. I love the lateral portion of your reply & shared it on my twitter. I was also able to go to the washer this week & do all my clothes & I was so thankful & grateful. When you get use to having a home full of all your daily needs & its no longer there. Being grateful becomes so real.

  2. You really broke this down!
    Some of my daily goals is making sure I have clean clothes to wear, food to eat, and that I am eating healthy and drinking at least eight glasses of water
    Once you realize success does not happen overnight, then you’ll working harder to focus on daily goals to help complete the main goal

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