Affirmation: Create Your Own Positive Statement Today

Affirmation Outlook: In general, the greatest benefit of Affirmations is to use them in the mornings. Although this maybe true, if you are not a morning person you are more than welcome to use them in the afternoon or in the evening hours of the day. Incorporate morning affirmations into your daily routines. We are aiming to remain positive throughout the entire day.

As a matter of fact, what is an affirmation?

To emphasize, they are statements designed to reinforce a positive change in people who desire it and yet can adapt in their environment. It should always be stated as if the desired outcome either has already occurred or is in the process of occurring, not as something that will come about in the future.


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Affirmations Are Positive Statements We Will Say To Ourselves Using TODAY

How To Use Them

  1. Take three deep breaths, inhaling and exhaling to a count of 10.
  2. Stand in front of a mirror and look yourself in the eyes. Smile, if it feels natural.
  3. Say your affirmation (or list of positive affirmation) slowly and clearly.
  4. Repeat the affirmation(s) 3-5 times, really focusing on the meaning of each word.
  5. Take another three deep breaths, allowing your body to absorb the positive feeling of the affirmation(s). Reference

An Positive Statement For Today

Today I choose to eat food that contribute to my health and my well being

Therefore, let’s make today count! 

Let us be in the moment and remain positive. Today, write your own! When creating affirmations, write them down so you will remember them verbatim.  Set aside a specific time for your affirmations and visualizations so that you can establish a daily routine. 

What Will You Add Today To & Follow Through?

Create Your Own Starting With Today

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