Confessions of a Cougar

Black Loc ArtConfessions of a Cougar

The Goodest Passion passion

The goodest passion, is it true or not or are there really confessions of a cougar beautiful. Intrigued? I know right, so am I. I love a good read, so just hold on to your socks. This maybe just a story with a twisted plot.

The goodest passsion is an extreme emotion which may require too much devotion. This fact will have little or great notion. The goodest passion so strong, its high is deadly like a love potion which maybe gone all wrong thug passion. Whose to say? People tend to fall in love with earthly things everyday.

The goodest passion creates a spinal frenzy traveling in slow motion. The nervous system sending messages to the brain so hard to contain…The goodest passion, What is it really? You are challenged to explain.

Maybe passionate perhaps, or lust, or just a quickie to rush the adrenaline throughout every part of the wanting frame black-love-black-is-beautiful. But, be careful, are you ready to tie your soul yet to another domain? Not sure if its like, love, or even real; just setting yourself up in life to get hurt for the thrill or a five minute feel deep love.

The goodest passion is a keen desire dressed to trap you if you are not in tuned with that spiritual fire.

Pursuing, Performing, Obtaining your own acquire! Are you really a cougar or preying for your own sexual desire african-american-art-african-art.

The goodest passion is however you exhale it. Once it is inhaled, its just a thought for a good read or a story, or is it really your life. Who knows? Would you really tell it?

The goodest passion you can only describe! Is it learning attire? For some it may simply be a great inspire.

The goodest passion arouses the flow. How it flows? Only the goodest knows


The goodest passion is not lust, its a journey for a love so strong, there may be up & downs yet there is minimal fuss. Years were formed, trust was a bust, can it be built again? It’s possible, but that’s one of life’s most precious assets; once there is ruins…there is no rush.

Confessions of a cougar; the goodest passion; a man; Is it still there? (Are you thinking) Well, sure/unsure, that magnificent feeling still lingers somewhere. A feeling not easily discussed because chaos is not a must. Who even cares? The love came on strong so the foundation was set from the gate.

The goodest passion is lead on by enthusiasm… The goodest passion has generated an orgasmic rhythm… The goodest passion doesn’t require a touch… The goodest passion is a flow of words that satisfy much…The goodest passion flows from head to toe… black art

Where does it stop? The goodest passion is an enduring continous flow!

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Do you instantly think of the goodest passion & the spin of your own theories? If so, feel free to be engaged in the comments for yet another part to this truth or an engaging story. By the way don’t forget to share your website, I will drop by to visit for I am all for new bloggers & their new journeys


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