About Me: It’s Me, I am Her & She Is Me

MS. FLO5It’s Me, Ms. Flo

I am Her, influenced by inspiration

She Is Me, yet tending to inspire.

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To Inspire Us evolved in the lateral days of October 2017 simply because I wanted to open the doors of my life of how I managed to inspire myself after I had lost everything I had ever owned or should I say was given to me as blessings over the years that I maintained while residing in a normal home setting. In the midst of setting my life/blog up for the public, I had great hopes to continue to inspire myself as well as others looking for inspiration while trying to deal with everyday life. My site took off quickly with Readers from around the world just looking to relax and live a little.

After recently posting, How To Get 2800 (+) Words In A Blog Post? and paying attention to the views I often wondered why my first post New To Blogging! has received the most views. Then the lightbulb finally came on in my head, Ms. Flo when you initially started your blog you did not do an About Me Page. How inconsiderate of me not to properly introduce myself properly as a new comer in a community that knew nothing about me. I just moved in the community nervous as ever and apologetically me.

However, I did attempt to at least list 5 Facts About Me in a post How To Discover New Bloggers?, but was that merely enough, I asked myself? And decided it was not. Somehow, I still missed the point of the total about me page after posting My Journey_As A New Blogger.  

Please charge it to my head and not to my heart. I now realized it took me 4 months after my blog was established to notice my readers may not really know me.

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I am in my mid 40’s, I am versatile when it comes to me, I am real, I try to remain honest at all times, I am not a fan of sugarcoating. I embarked on my loc journey….

& I do wear wigs ( I may do a post in the near future w/pics). I call myself Ms. Flo, Renee L. Jenkins & Grethena S. Castleberry depends on how I am feeling, how I am dressed, or when I let my wigs out the bag. This is an image with all three of me because my baby selfish little ass would not give me time to pose before he snapped so I was snappy. I love pics of me.

MS. FLO4.jpg

To Inspire Us will continue to grow as the days turn into months & months into years, I think I can now say that this is my official about me page. A Shout Out To All My 100 Followers was a very exciting milestone in the blogging community. Now, I want to offically welcome all of you who are already settled here as well as anyone just discovering my blog. Stop by & visit me on Twitter and ToInspireUs on Facebook.

If you are looking for some inspirations, positivity, or just seeking a daily pick-me-up, or perhaps a variety of other blog post, Who knows? You are in the right place. Not only do I attempt to keep myself as well as others inspired, but you are more than welcomed to join my supportive community of men & women who offer a variety of topics.

If there is anything additional you want to know just ask!


  1. On April 12th 2018, I decided to part ways with my loc journey of 3 years to revisit the Blonde, Bold, & Bald Babes of the world. You must be very self-confident to go here. Here is an updated picture.


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