A List of I AM Affirmations: From A to Z


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are very powerful when used with two simple words I AM. In order for affirmations to provide for you, they must be spoke in present tense.

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An A to Z list will be provided for you to inspire yourself with positive I AM affirmations. Please enjoy this list as you start to transform the power of I AM into your life over the next couple of weeks.

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To accomplish a wonderful experience for positive events to occur in your life you must think positively. As you read the affirmations provided for you below repeat throughout the day…..the goal of saying affirmations is not to say them as many times as possible, but to deeply feel that the affirmations are TRUE.

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I am two of the most powerful words; for what you put after them shapes your reality.

Bevan Lee

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A to Z Affirmations To Inspire Yourself

A: I am A Racing Start~I am A Reason For Being

B: I am Beauty In All Things~I am Beyond Fabulous

C: I am Charm~I am Champion

D: I am Dazzling~I am Delight

E: I am Easy To Approach~I am Easy To Talk To

F: I am Fabulous~I am Flamboyant

G: I am Get Up & Glow~I am Glamarous

H: I am Healthy~I am Heart_Warming

I: I am Impeccable~I am Important

J: I am Jaw_Dropping~I am Jazzy

K: I am Keenness~I am Kindred Spirit

L: I am Lavish~I am Letting_Go

M: I am Marvelous~ I am Motivating_Words

N: I am Natural~I am Neccessary

O: I am Observant~I am Original

P: I am Personal Growth~I am Passionate

Q: I am Quaint~I am Quixotic

R: I am Refinement~I am Refreshing

S: I am Self-Acceptance~I am Self-Assertive

T: I am Thankful~I am Tactful

U: I am Unbearably_Cute~I am Understanding

V: I am Validated~I am Valuable

W: I am Warm_Hearted~I am Wealthy

X: I am Xenial

Y: I am Yes We Can

Z: I am Zesty

What Positive Words Can You Share To Empower I AM In The Comments?

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