4 New Twist On New Year’s Resolutions

4 New Twist


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Making resolutions and setting goals for a new year are longstanding traditions. While great in theory, taking on new commitments just adds to your plate — and if you’re like many — your plate is probably overflowing already! So before increasing your to-do list for the upcoming year, how about getting rid of some items? Sometimes discarding is the best way to make a fresh start.

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A major benefit of this approach is the psychological freedom you feel when you clear away those things that may stress you out, drag you down, and prevent you from moving ahead with gusto. As you shed unrealistic tasks, dormant projects, and accumulated clutter, you gain time and energy for the tasks you really want to take on. Here are a few ideas for cleaning things out and getting the new year off to a great start:

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1.) Clean out your email.

Do you save all your emails “just in case?” The new year is a perfect time for an Email Emptying Event! Delete unnecessary emails, and organize by creating folders to store those you truly need going forward. Another benefit – this will likely improve the speed of your computer.

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2.) Organize your space.

At the office dump old papers, calendars, reminders, and other desk clutter that keep you from having an efficient workspace. At home, take on your closets, drawers, shelves and file cabinets. Having a clean space reduces stress and increases productivity.

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3.) Let go of an unhealthy habit.

Has giving up tobacco or overeating been on your mind Make this the year. Quitting — with a plan — is positive and renewing. Keep your goals specific and realistic to avoid frustration.

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4.) Make room for “yes.”

Many find it hard to say “no,” and wind up being over-committed. Dust off the word “no” by replying to requests with an acknowledgment of all that is already on your plate. Recognize we all have limits — if not in energy — in time! Look critically at your workload at home and work, and if possible, shed one commitment you made under pressure. Practice saying a confident “no” to new requests for which you really don’t have the time or energy. This also creates the space for a “yes” to those things that truly energize you. So for every “discard,” you make room for all that reflects who you want to be in the new year!

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