25 More Letters To Use If Plan A Didn’t Work

If plan A didn’t work for you, the goal is to remember that there are 25 more letters in the alphabet that can be used to encourage your plans. EmilysQuotes.Com-plan-change-goal-inspirational-attitude-unknown-great

  1. B-Balance: distribute the weight of life so you can remain upright & steady for control of whatever may come your way…


  2. C-Courage: a quality in all of us that will enable us to face all difficulties with bravery…courage

  3. D-Determination: When a decision is made there is no stopping us. Once there is purpose it will be established…determination

  4. E-Enthusiasmenthusiasm

  5. F-Fight: The only coping mechanism we have for ourselves…we refuse to GIVE Up!fight

  6. G-Goals: We can achieve what we aim for…goals

  7. H-Heartheart

  8. I-Imagination: be creative or resourceful when you’re creating new ideas imagination

  9. J-Journey: Just start & trust the process; The key is patient! journey

  10. K-Kindness: be generous & considerate of others you never know what people are going through kindness3

  11. L-Love: love

  12. M-Maintain: remain on a steady pace; keep up; keep going maintain

  13. N-Network: To Inspire Us On WordPress ToInspireUs on Facebook Twitter Tweets   Pinterest Pins Follow on Instagram


  14. O-Objective: whatever you aim for in life give it your all; set your goals & work them objective-key-result

  15. P-Passion: this is a very strong emotion that can barely be controlled, so find your passion & live it passion-success

  16. Q-Quality: strive for excellence while pursuing your journey quality

  17. R-Reading: I want to share a few of the blogs I follow because reading is the key essential for us in our everyday learning. So if you love to read please feel free to stop by & check them out for yourself …Just Nita Life With LaToya Tashnee.V.Mavee K E Garland A Thomas Point of View To Inspire Us Damn, Girl Alice Wake Up City Make Up Loft The Little Mermaid  


  18. S-Schedule: get on point with a detailed written to do list schedule

  19. T-Thoughtful: Don’t forget other people! You should always want to do for others what you would want done for yourself thoughtful-quote-1

  20. U-Unique: Just be YOURSELF…It’s just that simple unique

  21. V-Versatile: be able to adapt to your environment versatile-text

  22. W-Whole: always give yourself all of you. It’s not selfish! It allows growth whole

  23. x– Is just one of those letters in the alphabet that is a loner. If you know any words that begin with the letter X please feel free to leave them in the comment below. It will be very interesting to see what you will come up with.

  24. Y-Yourself yourself

  25. Z-Zesty: be fun & exciting zesty



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