Follow Friday’s Festivities 5 Readers To Introduce

Follow Friday’s Festivities…..


I feel as if giving back to the blogging community is a great way to spread love in the blogosphere!woman-1172723.jpg

I am so grateful for the exposure my blog has been receiving in a month’s time. I opened my platform from the gate especially for new bloggers like myself to gain exposure to new audiences to become more engaged with other readers. Although others may not feel the same, I think it is really an awesome way to become discovered in the community.

Every Friday I would love to introduce you to five (5) blogs that I personally follow whether you have a few following or many. I actually follow a variety of bloggers not just those that are meant To Inspire Us!

I hope they don’t mind me sharing the love. The featured bloggers for the week of 12-8-17 to 12-15-17 are as followed:

  1. mydangblog  Come for the laughs, stay for the lunacy

  2. Finding Myself Through Writing Writing Habits of Elle Knowles – Author

  3. An Ordinary Address

  4. MENTAL BREAK – IN PROGRESS  please hold while I direct your call…
  5. Rachel.WTF

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cloud-709089Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!

The first five featured blogs are blogs that I follow & vice versa. I am so excited to introduce you to my community so just be sure to take action in the comments to expose yourself if that is your preference.

I want to thank all of my readers whether I follow you, you follow me & my likers as well. I hope you will enjoy some new readers in the community.

Totally New Bloggers, Readers & Followerslove-2011994.png

***If you are totally new here*** & we have not yet connected & you will love to be a featured blogger in Friday’s Festivities to gain exposure in the community **PLEASE** provide me with detailed, yet brief information in the comments.

So Read Carefully: books-1900467.jpgIf All The Info Is Not There In The Comments I Will Move On To The Next Who Obliges & So Forth.

The detailed information in the comments under this post or via email form listed here

are as follows:

  1. Briefly Share What Your Blog Is About
  2. Provide a Link To Your Initial Blog or a Post/Link from Your Blog from current posts
  3. Share Another Blogger/Follower in Your Community
  4. Provide a Link to Their Blog or a Favorite Post You Love From Them
  5. Provide a Brief Description of the Blog Referenced in Numbers #3 & #4

I have been trying my best to stay organized & I have started a new schedule and all the information requested must be presented for me to feature everyone in a timely manner in these festivities so I can have them ready & scheduled to go out every Friday on a weekly basis.

thank-you-2490552.pngIn Advance For Providing All The Information So I Can Stay On Track!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

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5 Readers To Introduce on Follow Friday’s Festivities: 12-1-17