The Psychological Warfare of the Mind

In the back of the mind, long term memory settles & surfaces with time

utterly seeking & benign…

Conscious veils short term 

after we commit any crime as we begin to unwind aware that we must do time…

The Psychological Warfare of the Mind

seems hard to define

yet it allows us to be devine

as the blood begins to surface through to our hearts 

where we confine

and fall for false lines…

as wisdom & knowledge continues to bestow

I do not incline to be a poet or a writer or looking to sign

Its just The Psychological Warfare of my own mind

that continues to flow until the space in my long-term memory festers with growth

Long-term: A permanent limitless store house ready to be refined

Short-term: Activated to only hold a few items at a time

Working memory:

  • Focused
  • Processing
  • Ready to wine & dine

The sudden attack of the psychological warfare taking place in my mind






The Epitome of Healing

The day before,

I gathered my equanimity

I still had a sense of equality

It was the eloquence of his deep voice that lured me

Euphonious, everything was pleasing to my ears

My composure was all I had

Uniformity, balance, equivalency

The voice so fierce, fluent, devouring

The sullen ache of my wanting soul

The trick of the enemy

A soul aching for the love of man

Pleased only with fulfilling

The desires of his raging lust

The escapade of lust led me astray

The devil is a liar

The day after,

I sat quietly in my secret place

Asking for forgiveness of all sin

Those known & unknown to man

For it is man that has only breathe in his nostrils

As I humbled myself before my Father

Only a day after,

I encountered an earthly soul

I found myself elated with great joy

To still be able to seek his face

The epitome, representation,

essence, summation &

substance of a true healing

The man; an extrovert

Allocated by his surroundings

Rather than self

Never giving into his thoughts

Feelings spoken but never true

The Epitome of Healing



My Journey_As A New Blogger

Hello! 18056742_1130537733759669_3816406206248072330_nToday is a new day & it’s never too late to start on a new journey. Being new to blogging, I was so afraid to just jump out there! At this point, I inspired myself to just start because I have nothing else to lose. I started this blog simply to share my journey with others. My life over the last four years has not been easy and as I continue to write I will share. Please feel free to connect with me

. I will be looking forward to growing with all of you!




New To Blogging!



My name is Ms. Flo.

Feature Photo by ahmed zid on Unsplash

At least that is what everyone seems to call me. Although I never asked for the handle it just seems to follow me.

I am in my early forties and seeking a different journey & I like to Inspire

myself as well as others.

I am new to blogging & I am confused, but so willing to put one foot in front of the other & just start.

I am always researching and never too old to learn.

However, I refuse to give up. In my research I decided to use Siteground to host my WordPress.

If you can offer any pointers please feel free to.

I am currently open for all honest suggestions as I continue to grow & figure this out. Please feel free to stop by Facebook or Twitter to see me.

By the way, don’t forget to leave a comment so we can converse with one another from time to time.

I am very excited & looking forward to connecting with all of you.

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