11-29-17: 2nd New Post On Willing Wednesday’s

Is It Time To Talk More About Ties That Bind?

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I often ask myself this question all the time, Is It Time To Talk More About Ties That Bind? Yes, It Is Time! I said I would share my life with hopes to inspire someone else to keep going & never give up! What could possibly be ties that bind in a life of a forty-five year old that should be more vibrant & fulfilling? Of course it is because I wake up with great hope in my heart. I will tell you this, if I do not literally inspire myself on a daily basis I would have lost my whole self a long time ago. I will be sharing exactly what I feel as I think the ties that bind try to find their own ways to let go of a life that I had to leave behind.

The life was once a three bedroom house with enough furnishings to have a mini yard sell which was very successful I must add. However, living from hotel to motel trying to keep a roof over my head I could not afford my storage so I ended up losing the rest. Those furnishing were blessings & keepsakes that were up for sale & there was nothing I could do about it.

I have yet to figure out how in the hell I still manage to maintain a smile…eye-for-ebony-354857.jpgPhoto by Eye for Ebony on Unsplash

Ties that bind, there is always a thought pondering somewhere in my mind…that there is no escape. As I try not to focus on the one room temporary arrangements especially around the holidays…WHOA…WTF do you mean temporary…you have been trapped in this little box for 4 years to be exact. Perhaps since you want to be so specific with the public why don’t you just unleash the real dragon you have become. I will not tell them about my F*#K It Syndrome. giphy (1)You better stop it so I can stay on task here. That could possibly be another topic for a different post…So, I need you to be quiet…I talk to myself & I consider it to be pretty normal because it can actually calm emotions…You should try it!

Back to the topic at hand. I finally came out of my little box to enjoy my family for the holidays and I must say I had a blast.paul-369641 (1).jpgPhoto by Paul on Unsplash

Well, I use to consider this box a small stumbling block as the ties that bind. However, I had to regain a greater perspective in my mind using the simplified version of what life in my early forties had become. A better simplistic focus was geared toward the fact I do not have to be stressed about having the extra bills to pay on a monthly basis. To break it down in a simplier form I currently do not pay for lights, water, wifi, or cable & it is always available until something out of the norms takes place.

The more powerful negative thoughts would try to over power me & lead me to believe that there is no escape.

So I had to start using this small setting as a selected skill that will inspire me on a daily basis therefore I call it home.sylwia-pietruszka-218324.jpgPhoto by Sylwia Pietruszka on Unsplash

The more positive aspect of it all for me is that I could be outside under a bridge or just outside somewhere without a roof over my head. Excuse me! What is it now? Did you tell them you have a job? You didn’t give me Time!

I do have a job, but somehow I still feel trapped because I have existing bills that are hindering me from moving forward. I also have a car note with insurance, weekly rent, & I gotta eat…GEESH! So has this been a test because just four years ago I felt as if I had it all. I really don’t question it because I was sleeping in my van that was repo’d around the Thanksgiving holidays of 2014…I was like how in the Hell will I get a plate now.

I really think you skipped a lot of shit. Be patient! 

Until The Next Post Be Inspired!

Ms. Flo

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