11-27-17: 1st New Post On Magic Monday’s

Is There Really Light At The End Of The Tunnel light-2581929.jpg

Once again I sit here feeling as if you are all I hear.

connor-mcsheffrey-87383.jpgPhoto by Connor McSheffrey on Unsplash

always wondering where do I go from here

contemplating the devil will sink me with fear

You promised me you would not put no more on me that I could bear

but on normal days if my hair was not loc’d Snapshot_20170819_11

I probably would find myself pulling out my hair. What is at the end of this tunnel? Is

there light…Whether I choose to do wrong from right.

You are always on my mind

because in this storm you deserve the glory

in the end my testimony will be a miraculous story

Will I remain broken, yet healed or will this testimony saves lives

because my story is real

I am overwhelmed however rejoiced even in the The Epitome of Healing

My faith, trust, & patience is being tested

therefore this storm was never my choice.

Until The Next Post Be Inspired

Ms. Flo

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