101 Ideas On How To Relieve Stress

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Managing stress on a daily basis can even make what we consider to be fun in our lives stressful. The information shared here in this blog post may or may not be for you as an individual. If this little snippet of information is for you, you are more than welcome to the information provided as it is an overview generally in managing stress. If you run across this post by the sharing of other readers and it’s not for you just carry on with your lives as usual.

Any health issues you are foregoing should be treated by a therapist, physician, or any other type of health professional.

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  1. Ask for Help.
  2. Call up an old friend
  3. Run.
  4. Change coffee break to exercise break.
  5. Count to ten – or 1000 – before exploding.
  6. Count your blessings – make a list.
  7. Tell someone “I love you.”
  8. Tell a joke.
  9. Stop and yawn.
  10. Cry.
  11. Meditate.
  12. Dance.
  13. Build a model ship.
  14. Angry? Talk to a friend about it.
  15. Apologize for a mistake.
  16. Stand up and stretch.
  17. Stop and look out the window
  18. Work a crossword puzzle
  19. Climb a Mountain.
  20. Eat an orange slowly… segment … by… segment.
  21. Eat a good breakfast.
  22. Forgive someone.
  23. Close your eyes. What do you see?
  24. Daydream – Spend your coffee break at the beach.
  25. Cut back on caffeine.
  26. Watch a really good movie.
  27. Read a good book.
  28. Plan ahead.
  29. Do one thing at a time.
  30. Fly a kite.
  31. Get a massage.
  32. Get a pet.

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  1. Go play with your dog.
  2. Go fishing.
  3. Hug a tree.
  4. Hug someone you love.
  5. Find someone you’re grateful to and thank them.
  6. Get a good night’s sleep.
  7. Get up fifteen minutes early.
  8. Keep a journal of thoughts and feelings.
  9. Laugh at something you did.
  10. Go for a brisk walk.
  11. Go swimming.
  12. Ride your bike to work.
  13. Go to work a different way.
  14. Laugh at something you did.
  15. Leave the car at home and take the bus.
  16. Lie in a hammock.
  17. Lift weights.
  18. Listen to the birds.
  19. Make love.
  20. Look at the big picture.
  21. Look closely at a flower, leaf, blade of grass or tree
  22. Look off into the distance.
  23. Wash the car.
  24. Wash the dog.
  25. Plant a flower.
  26. Smell a rose.
  27. Clasp your hands behind your head and stretch your
  28. Play a round of golf.
  29. Read something funny every day.
  30. Learn to say, “NO”.
  31. Roll your shoulders up and around in a circular
  32. Practice Yoga.

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  1. Sit by a fountain or stream. Close your eyes and
    hear the water.
  2. Do a good deed.
  3. Work out at the gym.
  4. Share your feelings with someone.
  5. Talk to yourself: “I can do a great job.” “I can stay
    calm under pressure.”
  6. Put a cat in your lap
  7. Put on some music.
  8. Put plants in our office.
  9. Put your feet up.
  10. Wear earplugs when it’s noisy.
  11. Make a list. Then follow it.
  12. Take a child to the playground.
  13. Take a deep breath and let it all out.
  14. Take a leisurely stroll.
  15. Take a long bath.
  16. Take a nap.
  17. Take an herb tea break.
  18. Take one day at a time.
  19. Take the backs roads.
  20. Take the stairs.
  21. Take time for the sunset – or sunrise.
  22. Take up knitting.
  23. Massage your temples.
  24. Quit smoking.
  25. Write a poem.
  26. Write a letter to the editor.
  27. Paint a peaceful scene – in your imagination.
  28. Make time for play.
  29. Sing a Song.
  30. Spend an evening without TV.
  31. Walk barefoot n the grass.
  32. Sit by a fire. Write down your fears.
  33. Write down your dreams.
  34. Write your congressman.
  35. Watch a cloud for 5 minutes.
  36. Watch an ant or other insect for 5 minutes.
  37. Turn cocktail hour into exercise hour.

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