1 Month Blog Progression for a Beginner



The Only Blogging Tips I Can Offer For Now As A New Blogger is to Visit Other Readers & Become Engaged in the Community.

One month ago today, I decided to step out on faith Step Out On Faith

to see what it was going to be like in the blogging community. So, in September I started deep researching on Google & Pinterest about starting a blog. I had to set this as a goal on my vision board

My Vision To A New Beinnin
My Vision Board on a Manilla Folder!

or today I would still be looking at the drama that is currently on Facebook or watching Law & Order Marathons (I still do). I needed to set myself up so I would not be totally lost when I jumped on board. I must admit I was so nervous, but I must tell you there is information in the blogging community as well and so many people willing to help when you’re New To Blogging!

There is so much information out here & it’s scary. However, I was really determined and my mind was already made up. To keep myself organized I have my vision board and my notebook because I cannot function if I am all over the place & I will get better with Time

I really do feel as if I am in the right place at the right time. I have come across some amazing bloggers and became engaged in the community. Today I want to introduce you all to my readers that follow my blog & I am too excited:  


  1. 10 Follows!Congratulations on getting 10 total follows on To Inspire Us!



Rosie Culture



Mummy Thomas’ Blog



Tikeetha T


Tashnee V Mavee

I embarked on My Journey_As A New Blogger on October 20, 2017 & today I am moving forward. I want to welcome everyone to feel comfortable when you arrive here. I want to thank everyone who stopped by to look, read, follow, like, & become more engaged with me on this new journey. My initial plans were to inspire us & I hope I have accomplished that in one way or another.


Please feel free to come here & simply be yourself and just keep it real. I’am definitely not into sugar-coating. Share your information where you can be reached in the comments below on any post and I will reach out. If you just started a new blog & I can help you, I am here or will direct you to other places & if you are looking to be more engaged beyond myself here you go Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!

In closing I want to share with you 7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days

Just Remain True To Who You Are & Blog with Consistency.

Until The Next Post Be Inspired

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