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Words cannot explain how I am feeling right now, at this very moment. Excitedly, I am filled with a remarkable joy for all the love and recognition that has been showed to…. To Inspire Us! 

I just can’t thank-you all enough


I am giving a shout out to all of my 100 followers. I will list them here in numerical order from the last to the first. I have yet to run into any unkind humans here in the community. If you are unkind…LOL…politely keep it moving. Anyway, about 2 or 3 days ago I got a notification that I now have 100 excellent readers to read my post. This is an exciting milestone for me & I want you all to share the excitement along with me as well as the other 154 readers I follow who are engaged behind the scenes. Please feel free to stop by their pages & while you are there be sure to let them know Ms. Flo sent you to show them some much deserved love. Be engaged with those who accept it.


Congratulations on getting 100 total follows on To Inspire Us!

Your current tally is 102.

Any milestones in reference to my blogging journey are never anticipated because I merely want people to be uplifted regardless of what everyday life throws their way.

Amazingly, I got a notification while making this post from……

Courage, Knowledge, Inspiration

This was great timing for her since she is an Avon Representative. By the way, I think my samples came, I’m really not sure because I was at work. Whatever that particular packaging was required me to sign for it & pay $1.50. I did get the confirmation email from you so I know what your package looks like. Thank-You! OR, It may have been from the Sales Agent I reached out to about housing for the homeless. I guess the hotel I currently reside in really sucks. Now no one knows where the package is.

fab-lentz-253417.jpgPhoto by Fab Lentz on Unsplash

I started my blog in the lateral days of Oct. 2017 just looking to inspire people in general &  who were going through & doing all they could just to cope.

That is me in a nutshell because I need to be inspired in every aspect of my life, so I keep myself lifted as humanly possible as I know how. I am not sure if I have fulfilled the committment of being an inspiration to my readers or not, but I sure as hell try to do my best. I will be totally honest here as I am everyday that I breathe (my mouth has cause good & bad vibes). I literally just saw at work that people just can’t handle the truth. So my thing is….Just don’t F#$% with it period. Back to the task at hand, I was beginning to feel all types of ways living in an extended stay facility after so many years. Perhaps, that could be an entirely different post, so we will continue to speak on my awesome Readers.

However, deeply this blog has given me that extended extra type of hope I needed to carry on. Because of you, I set detailed goals & actually put a line through them once I have them accomplished.

Full-time daydreamer, half-time paranoid.
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Together we see the great in America


pexels-photo-317414.jpegPhoto by Lukas from Pexels

J e r e m i a h 29:11
Simple Tips For Blogging


Fun Fashion. Real Style
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It contains the world best places and things.
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With a lot of love.


Photo by Lukas from Pexelspexels-photo-684363.jpeg

“A Positive Push”
OH MY GOD, Becky!
where women of color can be themselves
Rosie and her 20’s
…writing to ignite lives
…because what else is there to do but randomly wonder.
For anybody that feels like they can’t face another year of this. Please know you are worth it. I will not say things will get better. I will say it will be hard. I will tell you there is support out there, so you don’t have to suffer alone. x
“While you only see the seed within you, I see the flower blooming”
In 2002, Retinitis Pigmentosa changed my life. This is my story of a slow approach to darkness.

I’ve come across some amazing individuals here in the blogging community. Susan, Susan, Susan @floweringink. Oh my! One of my long-term goals (written down of course) is to meet you personally. I always knew and will forever say I am a very strong woman, but you are the strongest woman I have never met before. LOL! I admire you. You are an amazing beast in the jungle & you are a ruler in your writing. Keep Inspiring Love!

My high horse journalistic point of view

To Inspire Us

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up….Anonymous
103.) @toinspireus


The blogging-life is meant for me at this time in my life & all of you have made it so possible to simply believe, hope, dream, love, live, & laugh.

For This I am Humbler Than God Has Already Made Me……

I Love You All!

Until The Next Post_Be An Inspiration To Few If Not Many_Ms.Flo

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50 Blog Post Ideas For 50 Followers

Dear Readers! Thank-You……….thank-you-2744231_1920.jpg


Congratulations on getting 50 total follows on To Inspire Us!

Your current tally is 51.

For the fifty follows I want to share 50 Inspirational Blog Post Ideas:

  1. Inspirational Quotes
  2. Inpirational Bible Verses
  3. Inspirational Words
  4. Inspirational Quotes for Work
  5. Inspirational Life Quotes
  6. Inspirational Sayings
  7. Inspirational Quotes for Women
  8. Inspirational Songs
  9. Inspirational Quotes for Kids
  10. Inspirational Movies
  11. Inspiration Point
  12. Inspiration Board
  13. Inspiration Furniture
  14. Inspiration Words
  15. Inspiration Art
  16. A Inspirational Word
  17. A Inspirational Quote
  18. A Inspirational Speech
  19. A Inspirational Song
  20. A Inspirational Poem
  21. A Inspirational Quote About Life
  22. A Inspirational Story
  23. A Inspirational Person
  24. A Inspirational Message for a Friend
  25. Inspirational Birthday Wishes
  26. Inspirational Birthday Quotes
  27. R & B Inspirational Songs
  28. Inspirational Drawings
  29. Inspiration Design
  30. Inspiration Essay
  31. Inspiration Examples
  32. Inspiration Essential Oil
  33. Inspiration Emoji
  34. Inspiration Education
  35. Inspirational E-Cards
  36. Inspirational E-Books
  37. Inspirational E-Commerce Websites
  38. Inspiration for Drawing
  39. Inspiration for Writing
  40. Inspiration for Teachers
  41. Inspiration for Today
  42. Inspiration for Stranger Things
  43. Inspiration for Kids
  44. Inspiration for Shrek
  45. Inspiration Hashtags
  46. Inspiration Images
  47. Inspiration Journal Ideas
  48. Inspiration Jokes
  49. Inspiration Journey
  50. Inspiration of Hope

Which One of These Would You Be Blogging Next?

Until The Next Post I Thank-You Again & Be Inspired_Ms.Flo




3 Most Strategic Ways To Accelerate Your Beginners Blog

Surpassing Previous Records


I am of proud of myself. I have been inspired as well as committed to My Journey_As A New Blogger

Woo-hoo! The most in one day


  1. 17 LikesOn Saturday November 25, 2017, you surpassed your previous record of most likes in one day for your posts on To Inspire Us. That’s pretty awesome, well done!
    Most Likes in One Day
    Current Record: 17
    Old Record: 16

    girl-148866.png* The Reader: Make sure you actually are reading

    blog-428950.jpg** Other Blogs: Become engaged & drop your link if the blogger allows you to promote

    You are welcome to leave your link in my comments

    smartphone-1445489.jpg*** Relationships: People in the community are really awesome. Don’t be afraid to reach out.

    She Inspired Me

    Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.

    Unsolicited advice for shit you didn’t know you were doing wrong

    I am No Expert! I am a Learner

    I want to thank all of you for stopping bymessage-2616073.jpg

    Until The Next Post Be Inspired!




The Subtle Art of Liking


I felt compelled to share with the community that I now have 50 likes. It is a wonderful milestone for me after blogging earlier about How To Feel About Your First Blogger Like?

I want to thank everyone that stops by to visit. I am still New To Blogging! 

I have 16 amazing followers (readers)…please stop by their blogs & become more engaged in the community to read, like & comment to show them some love:


  1. How To Create Exposure To Explode Your Blog?
  2. 10 Ideas About Followers That Really Work
  3. 1 Month Blog Progression for a Beginner
  4. Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!
  5. 7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days
  6. Confessions of a Cougar
  7. 25 More Letters To Use If Plan A Didn’t Work
  8. Is Change Affecting Your Life?
  9. Having A Blog Party Lets Celebrate
  10. Eleven_Eleven_Seventeen
  11. Time…Revised
  12. The Day My Soul Just Opened Up!
  13. The Psychological Warfare of the Mind
  14. The Epitome of Healing
  15. How Not To Live? Or Is It OK
  16. My Journey_As A New Blogger

Please feel free to share your link if you wish. 

Damn, Girl. Get Your Shit Together.Unsolicited advice for shit you didn’t know you were doing wrong  opened the door for me to feel free. She is amazing. Check her out.

Until The Next Time Be Inspired & Share What Inspires You with your link!

Thanks For Stopping By! Ms. Flo

To Inspire Us 

I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up….Anonymous

1 Month Blog Progression for a Beginner



The Only Blogging Tips I Can Offer For Now As A New Blogger is to Visit Other Readers & Become Engaged in the Community.

One month ago today, I decided to step out on faith Step Out On Faith

to see what it was going to be like in the blogging community. So, in September I started deep researching on Google & Pinterest about starting a blog. I had to set this as a goal on my vision board

My Vision To A New Beinnin
My Vision Board on a Manilla Folder!

or today I would still be looking at the drama that is currently on Facebook or watching Law & Order Marathons (I still do). I needed to set myself up so I would not be totally lost when I jumped on board. I must admit I was so nervous, but I must tell you there is information in the blogging community as well and so many people willing to help when you’re New To Blogging!

There is so much information out here & it’s scary. However, I was really determined and my mind was already made up. To keep myself organized I have my vision board and my notebook because I cannot function if I am all over the place & I will get better with Time

I really do feel as if I am in the right place at the right time. I have come across some amazing bloggers and became engaged in the community. Today I want to introduce you all to my readers that follow my blog & I am too excited:  


  1. 10 Follows!Congratulations on getting 10 total follows on To Inspire Us!



Rosie Culture



Mummy Thomas’ Blog



Tikeetha T


Tashnee V Mavee

I embarked on My Journey_As A New Blogger on October 20, 2017 & today I am moving forward. I want to welcome everyone to feel comfortable when you arrive here. I want to thank everyone who stopped by to look, read, follow, like, & become more engaged with me on this new journey. My initial plans were to inspire us & I hope I have accomplished that in one way or another.


Please feel free to come here & simply be yourself and just keep it real. I’am definitely not into sugar-coating. Share your information where you can be reached in the comments below on any post and I will reach out. If you just started a new blog & I can help you, I am here or will direct you to other places & if you are looking to be more engaged beyond myself here you go Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!

In closing I want to share with you 7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days

Just Remain True To Who You Are & Blog with Consistency.

Until The Next Post Be Inspired

**Images Obtained From Google Search**



Having A Blog Party Lets Celebrate

When I started my blog on October 20, 2017, I was nervous & confused. I really did not know where to start, but I had been doing research in the midst of starting a vision board. Don’t get me wrong, a lot of this research that’s on the internet pertaining to blogging had me afraid to even start. However, I was a too determined to allow that to stop me. 

So guess what, I took a deep breathe & just started.

My main goal was to just 

Not knowing what to really expect (My Vision Board tells me to expect the unexpected)…

I took my research & stepped out on faith. If you are a new visitor here on To Inspire Us just to bring you up to speed; I lost everything I had ever owned in 2013 due to hardships & I do mean all I had except for the clothes for my body. On this current date I am still living in a motel (extended stay establishment). At times it gets the best of me & at the height of it all I somehow remain Inspired, so this on-going journey of my life led me to blogging.

My vision board also tells me

Do What You Have To Do Until You Can Do What You Wanna Do

I am so excited to announce a 22 day milestone for me being a new blogger. It may not mean anything to you as a reader, but for me as a newbie it’s a small celebration. So I am celebrating these 20 likes as if I gained twenty new followers. I am more inspired now more than I was on September 3, 2017 when I wrote start a blog on my vision board.

The first thing I wrote on my vision board on September 1, 2017  was Habakkuk 2:2-3 (NIV)

Write down the revelation and make it plain on tablets so that a herald may run with it. For the revelation awaits an appointed time; it speaks of the end and will not prove false. Though it linger, wait for it; it will certainly come & will not delay

With great pleasure, I am having a blog party simply because I received 20 likes

on To Inspire Us. I don’t have any followers as of yet, but I am not focused on that part because life can teach you patience whether you are ready for the lesson or not. So in the mean time I am going to be more geared towards these….

5 Short Tips for Successful Blogging

Success is not built on success. Its built on frustration. Sometimes its built on catastrophe

  • The Key: Getting Organized (To Do List)
  • Managing My Time (Use Time Wisely)
  • Learning & Improving My Blog Post (Get Inspired)
  • Interacting with others &
  • Promoting on social media

ToInspireUs on Facebook

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Follow On Instagram

To Inspire Us on WordPress

I want to thank all of you who stopped by & actually were true readers. I will always be a learner, so please feel free to share any advice to me as a newbie in a comment or via email. I will be stopping by to see what’s going on in your worlds.

Please leave your link in the comment & follow my links…..


Until The Next Post Be Inspired!