A Dosage of Inspiration a Day : March 12

There are so many people out there who will tell you that you can’t. What you’ve got to do is turn around and say ‘watch me’.

Layne Beachley




5 Friends to Follow on 3.9 #FollowFridays



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Follow Friday’s 

 I would love to introduce you to five (5) blogs that I personally #follow whether you have a few #following or many. I actually follow a variety of #bloggers not just those that are meant To Inspire Us!

I hope they don’t mind me sharing the love. kinga-cichewicz-566342-unsplash.jpg

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The five featured bloggers for the weeks of 03/09 to 03/23 are as follows:

Arts + Cooking + Dancing + Joy + Writing + Tales + Tails

  • Daily Inspirational Quotes
    Read inspiring and positive quotes which uplift your spirit and motivate you to follow your dreams, and helps you to live a peaceful life.
  • The Seeds 4 Life
    Seeds of Inspiration, Wisdom, and Positivity
  • Pink Elephants
    Stories inspired by a horse woman’s everyday living
  • mrgoodquote
    All that you need is here ! 😉

I want to thank all of my readers whether I follow you, you follow me & my likers as well. I hope you will enjoy some new readers in the community.

 Totally New Bloggers kyle-johnson-389074-unsplash.jpg

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If we have not yet connected & you will love to be a featured blogger in Follow Friday’s to gain exposure in the community

**PLEASE** provide me with detailed, yet brief information in the comments.

  • Briefly Share What Your Blog Is About
  • Provide a Link To Your Initial Blog or a Post/Link from Your Blog from current posts
  • Share Another Blogger/Follower in Your Community
  • Provide a Link to Their Blog or a Favorite Post You Love From Them
  • Provide a Brief Description of the Blog Referenced in Bullets #3 & #4

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**Additional New Friends To Follow on Friday** via Reader

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3.8 What to Post on #ThrowbackThursday

#ThrowbackThursday #TBThursday #TBT

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 Let’s Take It Back To The Most Influential Posts You Have Stored Away In Your Archives.

Used to rock a throwback ballin on the corner, now I rock tailored suit lookin' like a owner. - Jay-Z

Used to rock a throwback ballin on the corner, now I rock tailored suit lookin’ like a owner.


I will be obliged to start with no more than three of my own #TBT which were from my very first posts in October 2017


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New To Blogging!

My Journey_As A New Blogger

How Not To Live? Or Is It OK

I am so excited to see what you have stored away in your memoirs.

Thanks For Sharing In The Comments Below!

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Past #ThrowbackThursday: via Reader