How Do You Feel During The Holidays?



I really can’t explain how I feel, but at times I feel sort of numb around the holidays. I have been feeling this way for the last past four years. I’m pretty sure it’s because of living in this one room versus living in a fully equipped home or an apartment with my two boys:

DeVonte’ Maurice Abner

Age 25


Romero Pierre’ Abner

Age 22


and my two beautiful


Lexi & Zoey


This time of the year, I would be planning my feast of different dishes to serve to my love ones. Extremely excited, waiting on the phone calls in the wee-wee hours of the morning because they already knew the appetizers would be prepared & waiting on the first caller.

The smell would be in the air; crockpot’s simmering with mouth watering:

  • Meatballs
  • Cocktail Sausages
  • Rotel & Chips

There would be a variety of flavored drumettes:

  • Hot Wings ( My oldest son’s favorite)
  • Lemon Pepper
  • Honey BBQ

Oh my, & the poor deviled eggs, I would have to prepare them and hide the extra tray in the fridge because they could be easily devoured.

  • Baked Beans
  • Ham
  • Turkey
  • Sausage Dressing
  • Potato Salad
  • Crab Salad
  • Tuna Salad & Crackers
  • Mac & Cheese

When I say a feast, the main courses would literally be in 3 or 4 pans a piece. I wanted to make sure everyone who came through my doors at my home would eat good there & be able to gather a few to-go plates. Or perhaps, just come back the next couple of days.

I was never the cake baker from scratch…LOL, but I would have a couple of Duncan’s & Betty’s in the midst of all these wonderful feastings. The sweet potato pies were just an additional treat.

This is what I really miss during the holidays & it really seems as if it was a lifetime ago. However, there were some great memories created during those times that I will never forget.



To keep myself inspired I simply keep smiling & say I’m retired. Ms Flo3.jpg

I actually consider myself retired from numerous things of my past, but perhaps that can be another blog post.

Always Remembering Ashlee Abner & LaShundra Croskey


Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms. Flo

How Not To Live? Or Is It OK

Where To Start Picking Up The Pieces?

It’s Time For A Christmas Blog Party

Is Change Affecting Your Life?



It’s Time For A Christmas Blog Party

Join The Blog Party!

This Party Starts Monday Dec. 11 @ 12:00AM & Ends on Monday Dec.25 @ 12:00AM

annie-spratt-171855.jpgPhoto by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Hello Readers! Its Time To Party….It has been a month since I threw my first blog party and it was not a success. Of course, I was more of a new blogger than I am today & I have learned so much. We are here to meet each other, connect with our links & inspire one another to spread some Christmas love. All you have to do is share your blog or your favorite post link in the comments to discover new blogs of others & be sure to meet & mingle. It’s very simple: just comment what your blog is about & leave your link. Other readers are ready to party but you got to put yourself out there.

andrew-neel-48762.jpgPhoto by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

I will go first in this post so don’t forget to stop by TO INSPIRE US I want to inspire people. I want someone to look at me and say because of you, I didn’t give up….Anonymous

christmas-card-2999091Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

New To Blogging!

How To Discover New Bloggers?

Having A Blog Party Lets Celebrate

The Benefits of Scheduling My Posts


When I started this blog I had no idea it would come this far. However, scheduling can be a task when you have a full-time job. There are also other things in life that can take place that you have no control over. Let’s take today for a prime example! I had nothing scheduled because I was in the bed after I got off work early Friday feeling like crap. I have a cold that has been trying to get the best of me. Luckily, here I am right now trying to maintain my scheduIe I had set out for myself. First, I think with me still being New To Blogging! I should have stayed away from having a post available for everyday of the week. But, hey I am learning so much about blogging & always keep a notebook & a pen.

planning-2573116.pngWhat the hell, I really loved the challenge I set for myself. Being on a schedule gave me time to organize my emails so I can be totally be engaged with other readers. My emails for blogging initially started out with folders labeled:

  1. Bloggers New Comments (allows me to see new readers when they comment on blogs like Dream Big, Dream Often & Damn, Girl Get Your Shit Together & the comments left for To Inspire Us!
  2. Bloggers New Post (300+)
  3. Liked Post (readers that liked my post)
  4. Liked Comments (readers that liked comments I left)

Since the bloggers new post generates the most traffic, I decided to give everyone I am engaged with their own folder. This is a way for me to be a real reader of new post, like, comment & share to my other social media platforms. With that being said, I would love to continue to be on a schedule, but I am not sure if it will be everyday of the week. Although I must admit it has been quite fun as well as challenging.

Scheduled post also allowed me to take care of myself with this minor chest cold with:

  • Lipton Greentea Orange Passionfruit Jasmine (hot) with a honey lemon cough drop, a little sweetner, & a cap of liquor
  • Vicks Vapor Rub
  • Day & Nighttime Severe tablets

I really felt obligated to myself as well as my readers in the community to maintain my schedule. Y’all be blessed & take good care of yourselves in this weather.

How Do You Schedule or Plan Your Post? Please Feel Free To Share in the Comments

Until the next post be inspired_Ms. Flo

Follow Friday’s Festivities 5 Readers To Introduce

5 Readers To Introduce on Follow Friday’s Festivities: 12-1-17

How To Discover New Bloggers?

10 Ideas About Followers That Really Work

Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!




7 Inspirations To Share on Saturdays

To Inspire Us!


Good Day! Loves

Words are so very powerful & using or hearing the right ones can really be captivating to the soul. My goal is to inspire us (You & Me) every week on Saturday’s. I already know we need to be inspired on a daily basis or possibly all day everyday so that’s why I chose 7 inspirations for you to use at your discretion.


Someone so near & dear to my heart actually sends me quotes images/meme’s to my cell phone on a daily basis. They are also compiled in my emails as well & I would love to share such amazing inspirations with a group of beautiful people. While you are here visiting, you are more than welcome to copy, paste, print, or save these inspirations wherever you like.


You can share any of them to your social media websites.

Here are my social media platforms:

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So please feel free to share your inspirations here with me as well.

We Strive To Be Fearless….

Let’s not forget your vision board or journals or you can just leave your favorite quotes, inspirations, motivations, or daily affirmations in the comments below or:

Use this contact form 

If you come across any inspirations that just set your soul on fire, please don’t hesitate to share with.

Here are your 7 inspirations for today:

I am so excited to see what inspires your world.

Thanks in advance!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

7 Positive Ways To Start & End Your Days

7 Inspirations To Share on Saturdays: 12-2-2017

Where To Start Picking Up The Pieces?

Is Change Affecting Your Life?

Follow Friday’s Festivities 5 Readers To Introduce

Follow Friday’s Festivities…..


I feel as if giving back to the blogging community is a great way to spread love in the blogosphere!woman-1172723.jpg

I am so grateful for the exposure my blog has been receiving in a month’s time. I opened my platform from the gate especially for new bloggers like myself to gain exposure to new audiences to become more engaged with other readers. Although others may not feel the same, I think it is really an awesome way to become discovered in the community.

Every Friday I would love to introduce you to five (5) blogs that I personally follow whether you have a few following or many. I actually follow a variety of bloggers not just those that are meant To Inspire Us!

I hope they don’t mind me sharing the love. The featured bloggers for the week of 12-8-17 to 12-15-17 are as followed:

  1. mydangblog  Come for the laughs, stay for the lunacy

  2. Finding Myself Through Writing Writing Habits of Elle Knowles – Author

  3. An Ordinary Address

  4. MENTAL BREAK – IN PROGRESS  please hold while I direct your call…
  5. Rachel.WTF

I would also love for you to check out….morning-27188253 Most Strategic Ways To Accelerate Your Beginners Blog


How To Create Exposure To Explode Your Blog?

marketing-270337710 Ideas About Followers That Really Work

cloud-709089Want To Promote Yourself? Now You Can!

The first five featured blogs are blogs that I follow & vice versa. I am so excited to introduce you to my community so just be sure to take action in the comments to expose yourself if that is your preference.

I want to thank all of my readers whether I follow you, you follow me & my likers as well. I hope you will enjoy some new readers in the community.

Totally New Bloggers, Readers & Followerslove-2011994.png

***If you are totally new here*** & we have not yet connected & you will love to be a featured blogger in Friday’s Festivities to gain exposure in the community **PLEASE** provide me with detailed, yet brief information in the comments.

So Read Carefully: books-1900467.jpgIf All The Info Is Not There In The Comments I Will Move On To The Next Who Obliges & So Forth.

The detailed information in the comments under this post or via email form listed here

are as follows:

  1. Briefly Share What Your Blog Is About
  2. Provide a Link To Your Initial Blog or a Post/Link from Your Blog from current posts
  3. Share Another Blogger/Follower in Your Community
  4. Provide a Link to Their Blog or a Favorite Post You Love From Them
  5. Provide a Brief Description of the Blog Referenced in Numbers #3 & #4

I have been trying my best to stay organized & I have started a new schedule and all the information requested must be presented for me to feature everyone in a timely manner in these festivities so I can have them ready & scheduled to go out every Friday on a weekly basis.

thank-you-2490552.pngIn Advance For Providing All The Information So I Can Stay On Track!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

My Journey_As A New Blogger

How Not To Live? Or Is It OK


5 Readers To Introduce on Follow Friday’s Festivities: 12-1-17





It’s Throwback Thursday’s Take It Back



Let’s Take It Back To The Most Influential Post You Have Stored Away In Your Archives.

I will be obliged to start with my own which was my very first post just one month ago

New To Blogging!

I am so excited to see what you have stored away in your memoirs.

Thanks For Sharing In The Comments Below!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired! Ms.Flo

Confessions of a Cougar

The Day My Soul Just Opened Up!

11-30-17: Take It Back On Throwback Thursday’s

11-29-17: 2nd New Post On Willing Wednesday’s

It’s Winesday Wednesday My Way


My Mango Rum Magarita’s……


Photo Credit

Cruzan® Mango Rum

Cruzan® Mango Rum delivers the sweet, bold, tropical flavor of ripe mangos. It’s exceptionally smooth and refreshing on a hot summer day. Spend a little one-on-one time with this one. “Mano a mango.”

Tasting notes

The tropical mango flavor pairs best with fresh fruit juices

Information Credit

Cruzan Mango Rum is a premium Cruzan Rum from the island of St. Croix, with natural mango flavors.

Master of Mixes……

Master of Mixes

Mango Daiquiri/Margarita Mixer


We travel half way around the world to a single growing region in India to source our premium Alphonso mangoes. We then add a touch of Key lime juice and blend with natural sweeteners and all-natural flavors to create an out-of-this-world flavor experience. We are happy to present the best of the best – in one simple step.

Information Credit


This mix is handcrafted from Alphonso Mangoes & Keylime juice. This Mango Daiquiri Margarita Mixer is sold in numerous stores near you. Now, you are more than welcome to follow the recipe on the back of this bottle or Cruzan offers Rum-Recipes on their site. You must be 21 to enter the site & please drink responsibly.

Don’t EVER Drink & Drive!

Frozen Mango Rum Margarita’s

In a blender:

  • add 6oz of your favorite Rum or Tequila (Mango Rum)
  • add 15oz of mix (Mango Daiquiri/Margarita Mixer)
  • add 6 cups of ice (Blend)

You can pour into a glass and garnish with mangos or my preference is to add an additional 1oz of Mango Rum

From my personal experience this will serve 3 to 4 people depending on your choice of cups or glasses. I tripled the recipe they offered on the mixer, so you do it your way.

Photo Credit

HAVE FUN! screw it.jpg

Photo Credit

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

Let’s Talk On Thoughtful Tuesday’s

11-28-17: Let’s Talk On Thoughtful Tuesday’s

Hello Manic Marvelous Mindset Monday’s

11-27-17: 1st New Post On Magic Monday’s


Let’s Talk On Thoughtful Tuesday’s




I would like for us to meet right here on Tuesday’s because I will love to hear how you are doing today? 

I know things are not peachy, if you need to vent just let loose & we will do our best to turn your day into something more positive

Some of us just like to rant, rant, rant so here you are LET IT GO!

*I will go first! This actually went on 12/2 (Sat) & 12/3/17 (Sun). So I will have a talk, vent & a rant rapped in one….This is how I had to explain my F@#k up everywhere after I had to figure out how to fix this sudden S&%T.

Please bear with me here. LOL! I was trying to learn how to reschedule my post for next Tuesday 12/5/17 & lost the initial post from 11/28/17. I had to fix this so hopefully everything is working. I guess instead of going to the initial blog post screwing up the flow of things I can go to reader & just make a freaking copy & it will open up in a new post & go from there….DUH…My Journey_As A New Blogger! I guess you have to make mistakes to actually learn…Yep…

So, I’m assuming this post can be used for any other day of the freaking week as well as on Tuesday…JUST LET IT FREAKING RIP>>>A New Blogger is on the F@#$ing loose

Feel Free To Leave Some Feedback In The Comments

Or if you are more private you can use the contact form below

I will be expecting You!

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo

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11-28-17: Let’s Talk On Thoughtful Tuesday’s

Where To Start Picking Up The Pieces?

Where Do You Start?


Picking up the pieces….

is never easy to do. Where do you start? The mind is always over thinking! Who really has a clue? Not even research can suggest what to do. So much has been said and done, now or even in the past. Time is slowly passing, gainfully interpreting the outcome at last.


Picking up the pieces….

Why? Loves evidence is still in the air! Trying to even move on at all has called so much dispair. Picking up the pieces is still a constant glare, got to find a way to move on. How? There are no wages to spare. Yet, still in lingering thoughts of does he still even care?


Picking up the pieces….

travels one day at a time, it may conceal those thoughts which can deteriorate the mind. An emotional turmoil will escape very rapidly, but if you remain strong just so life can prevail, picking up piece by piece will help you hold on and you will not  spend life looking frail.


Picking up the pieces….

Is an everyday part of life. We live & we learn from our mistakes & then we’ll know we have finally won. Pick up every piece no matter how hard life maybe. In the end those pieces will fit together because it’s only a puzzle you will see.

Until The Next Post Be Inspired_Ms.Flo….

7 Inspirations To Share on Saturdays: 12-2-2017